I’ve been experimenting with short, rather silly videos on Instagram and Vine. I like the fact these are very limited in terms of length (Instagram videos can’t be any longer than 15 seconds, and Vine videos can’t be longer than 6 seconds). I also like the fact that there’s no real editing or uploading to do, unlike the Ditch the Day Job Diaries, which take ages.

So far, I’ve got six tips for you (although the last one is VERY daft indeed). Vine videos play automatically I’m afraid, and to hear the audio you may have to click on the ‘unmute’ symbol in the top left corner.

Want to see more? Keep an eye out for the hashtag: #tinyofficetv

Tiny Office TV trailer:

Tip #1: Turn off social media notifications

Tip #2: utilise the self-control app to get your work done quicker

Tip #3: keep a captain’s log (not that kind of log)

Tip #4: Take a dance break

Tip #5 (in 5 parts): Sometimes, to be your own boss you have to kick your own arse. (Or, if you don’t sit down to do it, the work ain’t gonna get done.)


  1. Daft, maybe, but made me chuckle!

    Self-flagellating over your work, almost literally!
    Paul Forrester recently posted..In This Time And In This Place

  2. hahaha, TinyOfiiceTV, that’s brilliant! :)
    Yamile Yemoonyah recently posted..10 Blogs To Follow If You Want to Sell Art Online (2013 Edition)

  3. Man, these are genius! The cat food one is the ultimate pro tip!
    Fabian recently posted..Type Fast, Die Young!