A Year of Clarity Update: We Did It! 20 People Will Get Clean Water

Wow! I’m blown away by people’s generosity. Not only did we reach the target I set for my birthday campaign, we doubled it – meaning instead of 10 people in Rwanda getting access to clean drinking water, now approximately 20 people will.

You can see the results over at the Charity: Water site:


It’s been very humbling and inspiring to see so many people rallying to the cause, and being so supportive and generous.

Of course my challenge – to give up alcohol for a year – is only just beginning. I said I would do it if we met the target, and now that we doubled it, I am doubly committed to making sure not a drop of alcohol passes my lips until 1st October 2013.

Thankfully, and believe it or not, I’m not the first to commit to such an undertaking. Here’s an interesting article written by Edinburgh Personal Trainer Tracy Griffen about the difficulties and benefits of giving up alcohol for a year:


And an inspiring video about the same topic from a site called ‘Hello Sunday Morning’. It was posted on Facebook by my friend Paul who is giving up booze for 6 months:

 Of course I’ll keep you posted here about how it all goes!

p.s. the Charity: Water campaign runs for another 87 days. Whilst I won’t be actively promoting the campaign during that time, if you want to sign up to a Creative Clarity & Strategy Session, I’ll keep the offer open for a while longer. The next available times will be during November and December.

A Year of Clarity for Charity:Water

I’m giving up my 35th birthday and booze for a year (if we reach my target of $650!) to help bring fresh, clean water to 10 people who desperately need it in Rwanda.

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For a limited time I’m also giving away $125 worth of free Creative Clarity and Strategy Sessions to anyone who donates over $35 (approx £21) and a $50 Creative Clarity Session to anyone who donates over $20 (approx £12!).

You can donate via my Charity:Water campaign page. I’d love it if you supported the campaign. Charity:Water are a very forward thinking organisation who give 100% of all donations directly to bringing water to those who need it (their admin/organisational/marketing costs are all paid for by generous corporate sponsors).

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You can get an overview of the problem by watching the below video:

This video about 9 year old Rachel may well move you to tears..

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And this interview with Charity:Water founder in which he explains how he went from greedy nightclub owner (“I was the worst person I knew”) to founder of such a brilliant charity.

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And you can read my post about the World Domination Summit 2012 where I pledged to give up my birthday after listening to Scott speak.