Notes From a Train

How’s your February going? If you signed up to the Four for Feb challenge, are you on schedule?

My February has been hectic, with visitors, social events, and a busy time at work. I’m writing this on the train back from Birmingham where I’ve been visiting family for the weekend, and because I don’t have access to a wi-fi connection I’m posting this via the WordPress app on my iPhone which has proved rather unreliable. Clearly I’m not quite set up for ‘location independence’ blogging just yet!

Because of all this extra activity my ability to focus on this blog has been curtailed which is frustrating after such a successful start in January. And I know that most people reading will also have this issue, because life keeps throwing things at us until it feels like we will never have time to catch up.

But there’s one week of the month left, so let’s see what we can salvage. There’s still time to achieve something and set ourselves up for a positive start to March.

And next month’s challenge is going to tackle the problem of ‘too much to do, too little time’ head on so stay tuned!

How have your creative projects fared in February? Are you on schedule to complete your ‘Four for Feb’? Let me know in the comments.