Polatross Calendar 2013 by Blythe Robertson

Polatross Calendar 2013 by Blythe Robertson

What have people been talking about this week? The vast expanse of a brand new year, of course.

The Onset of Annual Review Syndrome

Chris Guillebeau has written about his annual review process now for a number of years, but this was a more vulnerable post than usual, as he is coming towards the end of his goal to travel to every country in the world, and has been feeling “sad recently for reasons I don’t understand”. The final country he is visiting will be Norway in April and I’ll be joining him in celebrating his achievement at a party in Oslo.

Other annual reviews I enjoyed included ones by Emilie Wapnick of Puttylike, Jonathan Mead of Paid to Exist, and Lis of Last Year’s Girl.

Don’t Mention the R-word – Goals, Habits and Good Intentions

New Year’s Resolutions are soooo 2012. I shared some New Year “What Ifs” – read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Michael Nobbs has decided to delay the New Year and make January a month of reflection and planning.

Fabian Kruse, meanwhile has declared 2013 a year of writing.

James Clear writes about the power of small wins and identity-based habits.

Dan James writes eloquently on A Big Creative Yes about the benefits of a daily practice in his post Permission, Practice and Coming Out of Hiding.

Dave Ursillo urges you to create more bad art.

Vishnu, a spiritual guru who is after the jobs of both Chopra and Oprah, spoke to life coach Susan Fox about setting goals.

Kim Manley Ort is planning a year of contemplation by studying the poetry of Rilke.

Mary hopes to spread some postal joy in 2013.

Blogging, Digital Marketing and Social Media

Fellow copywriter Andrew Nattan raises some burning blogging issues for 2013.

Daily Beast/The Dish blogger Andrew Sullivan raised $333,000 in one day to support his move to running a completely independent blog.

Dave Charest shares a great library of small business marketing tips over at Constant Contact.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation shared their review of 2012 and digital rights activism across the globe.

Wired UK did a feature on Scott Harrison from Charity: Water who has used digital campaigning to great effect.

And finally, William Shatner uses personal communicator to transmit message to space.

Have you read anything good this week? You can post a link in the comments.

Have a great weekend! 


  1. thanks for the mention Milo ! I’m taking Michael Nobbs cue and leaving Jan for reflection and dreaming as it is with two trips coming up and sorting out the dreaded tax… it feels quite busy already!

    • Sounds very sensible Mary. Ah yes, the dreaded tax. My first time.. am definitely dreading it and MUST start this week! The two trips you have planned sound a bit more exciting though :)

  2. Thanks for including my post Milo! Definitely a crazy time with predictions, reflection, goal setting, and planning. Yikes!

    • Absolute pleasure Dave, there’s a load of good stuff in there! Yep, it can get pretty overwhelming but delaying the New Year to February is a good way to ease the pressure!

  3. Thank you for the mention, Milo! Good luck with the tax, I’m feeling very relieved to have got mine done. Back to pondering and a little bit of planning now :)
    Michael Nobbs recently posted..A month of reflection and planning. Join me?

  4. I haven’t been reading the site for long, but I’m starting to become something of a fan of ‘The Minimalists':


    I have in part been inspired by a few of the things I’ve read on there, and in the other part found that what they write about matches the direction in which my own thinking has started going.
    Paul Forrester recently posted..Dynamic Simplicity

  5. I wouldn’t normally bother. For me, the 1 January thing usually feels a bit arbitrary (eg for work purposes, the start of the new financial year can be a more appropriate time to review and re-evaluate). But I do have lots of new stuff kicking off right about now, so it works for me this year. So I did http://mea-mea-culpa.blogspot.co.uk/ :)

    • Thanks Lesley – looks like you have an exciting and busy 2013 lined up!

      Great advice from Tony Dowling although I’m not sure I entirely agree with his point that “The only truth you can achieve is truth you achieve through intellectualisation”. Personally I think insight and gut instinct can be just as good barometers of ‘truth’ but perhaps I have misunderstood what he means.

      I’m in a similar position to you regarding the need to manage social media better so maybe we can swop tips ;)

  6. Milo — thanks for the mention! Hope all is well.
    James Clear recently posted..Photo Essay: Moscow, Russia