This fourth guide in the Career Masterplan for Mad Geniuses series has taken quite a while to get finished (somewhat ironically given the title).

That’s because it not only involved a lot of research, but plenty of real life experience during my first 18 months or so of full-time freelancing/blogging.

I’ll admit it did involve some procrastinating too (but there’s a pretty good reason for that which you’ll find out when you read it).

I’m really happy with the results and hope the guide will be helpful to anyone else who has ever struggled to get their creative projects finished.

It’s available to download for free for the next week, after which it will only be available to email subscribers:

Produce the Goods: Mad Genius Guide #4

(Click to view in your browser, or right click and save as to download).

There’s also a brand new Spotify Playlist to accompany the guide and help you get into a good rhythm with your creative work. (A few people might be relieved that unlike the Pimp Your Online Presence soundtrack, it’s not hip hop!)

If you enjoy the guide, I’d be VERY grateful if you could share it with at least one other person who might find it useful, or on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

C.A.K.E. screenshot

Eagle-eyed readers will also notice that the guide includes a (not-so) subtle plug for The C.A.K.E. Method, my new course with Fabian Kruse. The first round of the course sold out within 48 hours and we’ve had some fantastic feedback so far.

You can check out some of the work that our first group completed over at (and we’ll be opening up to new members next week!)


  1. Shameless! But the plug isn’t until the end, so completely above board. Lots of thoughts came up, but one from p43-4 was about the types of tasks, what skills they require, how they relate to creative ideas, etc- it made me think of Shanna’s post here ( -what do you think about the task completion being separate from idea collection and ‘producing the goods’? Seems to fit together. Anyway, well done, Milo! Way to be thought-provoking!
    Margaret recently posted..Don’t Miss Out on our Fall Kindle Sale!

    • Shanna’s post looks interesting Margaret, thanks for sharing. Glad it provoked some thoughts, and I would say I hope it provokes some action too, but not sure you need it given the fact you’re already starting book no. 3!

  2. Just finished reading. Excellent and inspired. It is tightly focussed and the writing flows well. I especially appreciate the way you weave outside source material and information into the flow of your thinking. My favorite part started around page 22 where you discuss “great work” and later connect it with the idea of “the gap” that Glass speaks about. It’s inspiring and reassuring as we strive for the former and encounter the latter. I’ve become a fan of your thinking and writing.

  3. Congrats, Milo! Delighted to see the series continues! :)
    Fabian | The Friendly Anarchist recently posted..Long Haul Reinvention, Thinking in Public, and the Idle Computer

  4. Really impressive piece of work, Milo – it’s a formidable series you’re building! Hope it’s inspired you for the final three guides :-)
    Paul recently posted..A Fresh New Look

  5. Hi Milo,

    I’m hugely impressed by your output. Will read everything asap xx

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