The Chaps on Macs are back for another special Mountain Shores Podcast to discuss the most recent Apple announcements, but our infatuation with the world’s most profitable company appears to be waning.

Michael is now doing much of his work from a Google Chromebook, Fabian would rather have a feminist film night than watch the WWDC keynote, and I’m not sure about Eddie Cue’s embarrassing DJ set and dad dancing.

Plus, eating a Jelly Bean Sandwich seems to be much more convenient and no less appealing than a roadtrip to California beauty spot El Capitan, Apple’s latest name for the Mac’s OS.

Oh, and on a more serious note – we consider whether multitasking on the iPad is actually a good thing or not, and if we can have any hope of keeping our data secure in the era of cloud computing.

So, if you’re interested in hearing our latest thoughts on the current state of Apple & Google’s ecosystems, have a listen. If it’s all far too geeky for you, we won’t be in the slightest bit mad if you skip this one!

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