Mad Genius Guides

The Mad Genius Guides are here to help you think about how you can fulfil your potential in both your life and career.

There are currently four micro-guides in existence that are available as free downloads to email subscribers.

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Mountain Shores: The (Un)Productivity Podcast

Mountain Shores is an informal podcast about (un)productivity I record with Fabian Kruse from the Friendly Anarchist and our regular co-host Michael Nobbs from Sustainably Creative.

We also chat to other interesting guests from time to time.

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The Ditch the Day Job Diaries

The Ditch the Day Job Video Diaries are 20 video diaries I have filmed since I took voluntary redundancy in February 2012 – after ten years working in the Scottish civil service.

The videos also feature footage from a couple of adventures I went on to meet other bloggers and self-employed people from around the world and get their perspectives, including the World Domination Summit in Portland and a trip to Oslo.

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Clear-Minded Chronicles Micro-Podcasts

In 2014 I carried out an experiment where I recorded daily micro-podcasts (5 each week).

The format was very simple – each day I spoke about what was on my mind – including my struggles with the freelance lifestyle, mindfulness, technology and many other topics.

I managed to record 39 before running out of steam, but they may return in the future as a more manageable weekly version.

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