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This free micro-guide is all about how formal education may no longer be necessary in order to achieve our creative and career goals.

Why? Chiefly because of the online education revolution.

That’s why I’ve included a handy list of amazing online resources for Clear-Minded Creative Types.

Of course as you can tell from the Clear-Minded Classics series, I’m still a big fan of that old favourite, books – whether of the dead tree variety or on a new fangled fancy e-reader or tablet device thingy. I talk about the benefits of those too.

And I also include various approaches to deciding what to learn and ways to actually fit your self-directed learning into your life, including the concept of ‘Beducation’ (TM) which I think you might like..

It’s arrived a little later than originally planned because I wasn’t happy with the first version, so I went back and added a lot more content and tweaked what was already there. I hope you’ll find it even more useful!

This is the third free guide in a seven part series. The first part is completely free (no sign up required):

The Career Masterplan for Mad Geniuses (Micro-Manifesto)

To get Design Your Own Curriculum (and the other micro-guides when they’re published), sign up to the newsletter now!

Cover photo by Dospaz

Resources photo by Johan Larsson


  1. Ba-bamm! Thanks a lot for sharing this, Milo! Such a great read, feat. Judge Dredd and all! :)

  2. Cheers for your support Fabian!

  3. I was just thinking today about how I wanted to create my own course. I look forward to using your guide.

    • Cheers Gregory, would love to hear your thoughts on it! Sorry not been in touch.. will definitely be in touch to get that Skype call arranged!

  4. I love all the curated links! This micro-guide was very well put-together, and an enjoyable read. Great series and branding, Milo :-)
    Margaret recently posted..Scottishness: it’s up to me

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