Getting ‘back on the horse’ after you let a creative practice (or any positive habit)┬áslip is one of the hardest things to do -especially if your failed attempt plays out publicly.

After the unfortunate demise of my seemingly bullet-proof plan to post on this blog once a week throughout 2014, I wrote an angry, sweary post using the Day One app’s publish feature (not ‘one day’ as I mumble in the podcast) that complained I was bored of blogging. (I’d only advise reading that if you are comfortable with a man at the end of his tether dropping the F bomb with alarming regularity.

But what better way to return to the fray than with another challenge that involves the risk of public embarrassment?

This time I’m taking a leaf out of my friend Michael‘s book, or should I say I am shamelessly copying his One Thing Today Podcast, of which he’s recorded an impressive 699 in 3 years.

Listen to the Clear-Minded Chronicles Micro-Podcast #1 for more info and if you want to get new episodes, you can follow me over at SoundCloud, or you can find the usual social media, RSS and email links on the About Page.


  1. Awesome to see this and looking forward to hearing more about your meditation experience this year.

    You should totally do a cliches podcast.

    I like the short podcasts ideas – I can do less than 10 minute podcasts.

    So cool you got to meet, Farnoosh, over there, Milo – she is one inspiring woman!

    • Thanks Vishnu! I forgot to mention your comment in the follow up on podcast #2 so will mention in #3!

      I like the idea of doing a cliches podcast but you know what they say, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!

      Look forward to seeing your first micro-podcast :)

      Look out for an interview with Farnoosh coming soon!

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