I’ve been doing mindfulness meditation for over a year now and I find it beneficial to my health and creativity – but how does it compare to David Lynch’s preferred method of transcendental meditation and where do The Beatles fit into it all?

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Do you have experience with either mindfulness or transcendental meditation? If you’ve tried both, which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments.

Main photo by Henry Grossman


  1. Keep the podcasts coming Milo – very enjoyable!

  2. Hey Milo – thanks for this real deal commentary. i appreciate your authenticity and the honor in you that comes through. honestly i am a big fan of TM – it is a powerful practice, there is unsettling controversy associated with the organizational part and it has worked for me for 10+ years. I offer mindfullness meditations with my yoga students and i – it also has a positive effect. more and more (the less i know – ha) i think it really comes down to the individual and each finding what is right for them, sometimes even in that time frame, without the convenient blankets of right and wrong practices.clouded our ability to discern. i think you did a good job of expressing that. best wishes in your practice and please keep sharing your clearminded heart.

    • Hi Tracy thanks for sharing your experience, I was hoping somebody who practised TM would chime in.

      The controversy is unfortunate but I totally agree that it’s powerful and a matter of personal preference which works best. I may well revisit TM in the future.

      Thanks again for listening, commenting and for your kind words :)