Produce the Goods: a Free Guide for Mad Geniuses


This fourth guide in the Career Masterplan for Mad Geniuses series has taken quite a while to get finished (somewhat ironically given the title).

That’s because it not only involved a lot of research, but plenty of real life experience during my first 18 months or so of full-time freelancing/blogging.

I’ll admit it did involve some procrastinating too (but there’s a pretty good reason for that which you’ll find out when you read it).

I’m really happy with the results and hope the guide will be helpful to anyone else who has ever struggled to get their creative projects finished.

It’s available to download for free for the next week, after which it will only be available to email subscribers:

Produce the Goods: Mad Genius Guide #4

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There’s also a brand new Spotify Playlist to accompany the guide and help you get into a good rhythm with your creative work. (A few people might be relieved that unlike the Pimp Your Online Presence soundtrack, it’s not hip hop!)

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Pimp Your Online Presence in Six Steps


Today I’m releasing the 3rd Microguide in the Career Masterplan for Mad Geniuses series. it’s packed with 58 phat pages making it the biggest and juiciest guide so far. And it’s completely free to download until Wednesday 12th December, after which it will only be available for subscribers. To get your free copy, subscribe to the Clear-Minded Creative Newsletter.

Not only that, but you can also listen to the Pimp Your Online Presence Official Soundtrack on Spotify. It’s Hip Hop through and through, so if you’re easily offended by that sort of thing, you might want to pass. It features the likes of cover star Snoop Doggy Dogg (or whatever he’s calling himself these days), Kanye West and er.. Betty Boo. Of course.

There’s loads in the guide, but basically it boils down to six key steps:

1. Determining Your Digital Identity

Choosing what domain name to use and who your audience will be, as well as personal branding.

2. Planning Your Platform

Which software will you use? WordPress comes out the winner, but will it be or

3. All is Not What it Themes

Choosing a decent theme for your blog

4. Go Postal

Setting up an email newsletter

5. Social Media Smack-Down

Getting started with social media (and avoiding over-whelm)

6. Planning Your Publishing Strategy

Putting some thought into what you’ll be posting online and how often.

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p.s. Problogger currently has a great sale on blogging ebooks (all of them are just $10) if you want to get really serious about this schizzle (affiliate link) (sale ended Dec 2012).


Design Your Own Curriculum Micro-Guide

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This free micro-guide is all about how formal education may no longer be necessary in order to achieve our creative and career goals.

Why? Chiefly because of the online education revolution.

That’s why I’ve included a handy list of amazing online resources for Clear-Minded Creative Types.

Of course as you can tell from the Clear-Minded Classics series, I’m still a big fan of that old favourite, books – whether of the dead tree variety or on a new fangled fancy e-reader or tablet device thingy. I talk about the benefits of those too.

And I also include various approaches to deciding what to learn and ways to actually fit your self-directed learning into your life, including the concept of ‘Beducation’ (TM) which I think you might like..

It’s arrived a little later than originally planned because I wasn’t happy with the first version, so I went back and added a lot more content and tweaked what was already there. I hope you’ll find it even more useful!

This is the third free guide in a seven part series. The first part is completely free (no sign up required):

The Career Masterplan for Mad Geniuses (Micro-Manifesto)

To get Design Your Own Curriculum (and the other micro-guides when they’re published), sign up to the newsletter now!

Cover photo by Dospaz

Resources photo by Johan Larsson

Refresh Your Mindset – a Free Micro-Guide

You know what it’s like – you get up, shuffle reluctantly to work, survive the day on a combination of strong coffee and illicit internet surfing, only to arrive home an exhausted shell of your former self and be faced with a list of tedious but necessary chores.

You then go on to complete these in a zombie-like trance before collapsing on the sofa to watch the latest mindless dross that passes for entertainment in the modern age, obliterating your increasing feelings of existential panic by eating an entire chocolate cake and polishing off a bottle of red wine by yourself.

Before you know it you’re lying in bed staring at that unsightly crack on the ceiling wondering where the time went and why you just wasted another 24 hour period of this precious existence we all have only one shot at.

Well the solution is here!

Ok, perhaps not, but at least you can find momentary relief in the brand new

Refresh Your Mindset Micro-Guide

Which is the first of 6 steps as outlined in the Career Masterplan for Mad Geniuses.

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The Career Masterplan for Mad Geniuses is here!

Yes it’s here at long last! Well actually I only released the trailer yesterday, but I’m sure you’ve been slavering with excitement about it ever since, I know I have, and I’ve already read the bloody thing.

Here’s what’s included in the micro-manifesto:

  • The Six Key Steps to Unleashing Your Inner Mad Genius

  • & a Quick-Start Guide with some basic actions you can take right away to get started with each step.

That’s it! It’s only 21 pages long, and most of that is pictures, so you’ve got no excuse not to have a look!

Download the Manifesto for free:


(right click and ‘save as’ to download)

Compressed version

(zip file containing PDF)

And if you enjoy it, please spread the word to the multitude of closet mad geniuses out there! I’ve made it ultra-easy for you to do this below:

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P.S. if there’s anything specific you’d like to see covered in the 6 micro-guides or if you have any questions or feedback let me know in the comments!