C.A.K.E. screenshot

In ‘Getting Geeky‘ (episode 8 of the Mountain Shores Podcast), Fabian Kruse, Michael Nobbs and myself talk about the advantages and disadvantages of getting lost in creative flow, how to delight customers with high quality ice-cream, and whether our mindsets can make a difference to our earning potential.

Show notes at mountainshores.net/listen on iTunes/Stitcher

You can also hear a bit more about The C.A.K.E. method, a bite-sized course that Fabian and I are offering to bloggers who want to have (more) fun and get more done.

Below is a teaser trailer for the course, which we will be launching with a special live Google Hangout next Tuesday (1st October).

As I mention on the podcast, that day also happens to be my birthday, and I would love it if you could join myself, Fabian and Michael to virtually clink glasses as I celebrate my ‘first beer for a year’ after giving up alcohol for Charity:Water 12 months ago.

For more information about The C.A.K.E. Method and next Tuesday’s Hangout, please sign-up here.


  1. Elaine Monkeypaints

    ARGH! Will you be serving CAKE again?
    I’m away during the CAKE-a-thon and unable to indulge during the Octobery timeslot.

    Help me Obe-Wan – only you can save me!

    • Hi Elaine, yes it’s extremely likely we’ll be serving up another helping soon, and possibly a self-study option too, so no worries on that front! Hope you have a good October :)

      • Elaine Monkeypaints

        FAB! I see your places all sold out! Well done!
        I’ll have a lovely October thanks – in full-on teashop/bookshop/considering taking VER mode. Hope yours is fab too – not too many hangovers lol!!

        • Thanks Elaine! Ooh sounds good – a big decision but for me it’s been worth it, even it has been stressful at times. I’ve only had one beer and one glass of wine so far, so have avoided hangovers for the time being ;)