Milo New Profile Pic June 2014Hi, I’m Milo. I’m 40 years old and I live in a small town near Edinburgh, Scotland with my wife Mel and our cat Millie.

Clear-Minded Creative is a compendium of some of my ‘notes to self’ as my life has changed over the last few years. Hopefully some of it will be helpful to other people too.

The truth is I often feel very far from clear-minded and often struggle to consistently focus on my own creative projects. So the title of this site reflects my hopes more than the current reality!

My background

I’m currently employed as a content writer and editor for the marketing agencies Signal and Brightsource, having spent four years as a freelance copywriter beforehand, and juggling various writing assignments with my previous civil service job for a decade before that.

Some of the articles I’ve written can be seen at my portfolio.

I’ve also dabbled in a bunch of other creative projects over the years including music and video, and have provided an ‘Artist Advisory Service’ to a few of my fellow creative professionals. (After all, it’s always easier to give advice than take it!)

Artwork by @claracharlotte

Artwork by @claracharlotte

Good habits = better creativity and health = easier said than done!

I’ve found that healthy diet, regular exercise and other positive daily habits such as meditation are very helpful in achieving our creative and professional goals.

I also know that practising these good habits consistently is easier said than done!

Where you put your attention and focus is key. Clear-Minded Creative is my way of reminding myself and readers that it is worth making creative work and the rituals that support it a priority in our lives.

Stay in touch

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If you’d like to know more about my story, you can visit my portfolio website (a work in progress) or check out these interviews:

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