How to get people to read your shit

Do you want people to pay attention to your creative work? You might want to read this first.

Steven-Pressfield_Nobody-Wants-To-Read-Your-Shit_1024x10241. Know your shit

Bestselling author Steven Pressfield is a big believer in the value of learning on the job. In his latest book, Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit, he talks about how stints as an ad copywriter and screenwriter helped him hone his craft, and learn skills that apply equally to every field of writing.

As an ad copywriter, he quickly learnt that getting words on a page is only the beginning:

“The pros understand that nobody wants to read their shit. They will start from that premise and employ all their arts and all their skills to come up with some brilliant stroke that will cut through that indifference, that clutter, that B.S.”