Produce the Goods: a Free Guide for Mad Geniuses


This fourth guide in the Career Masterplan for Mad Geniuses series has taken quite a while to get finished (somewhat ironically given the title).

That’s because it not only involved a lot of research, but plenty of real life experience during my first 18 months or so of full-time freelancing/blogging.

I’ll admit it did involve some procrastinating too (but there’s a pretty good reason for that which you’ll find out when you read it).

I’m really happy with the results and hope the guide will be helpful to anyone else who has ever struggled to get their creative projects finished.

It’s available to download for free for the next week, after which it will only be available to email subscribers:

Produce the Goods: Mad Genius Guide #4

(Click to view in your browser, or right click and save as to download).

There’s also a brand new Spotify Playlist to accompany the guide and help you get into a good rhythm with your creative work. (A few people might be relieved that unlike the Pimp Your Online Presence soundtrack, it’s not hip hop!)

If you enjoy the guide, I’d be VERY grateful if you could share it with at least one other person who might find it useful, or on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Book Review: Writer Dad by Sean Platt

writer dadI had tears in my eyes and fire in my heart by the time I finished this book, which charts Sean Platt’s journey from working in his father’s flower shop to full-time fiction writer.

I discovered Sean via his site Ghostwriter Dad (you can now find him at His book Writing Online makes a great companion to this one, with loads of great advice for writers. This book however is much more personal and as a result was even more inspiring – and I believe will be for any writer.

Get Yourself Some C.A.K.E. (and watch our live Google Hangout)

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 18.36.35

 Last night I was honoured to be joined by my friends Michael Nobbs and Fabian Kruse live on Google Hangouts  (as well as a number of other friends and family from around the world who tuned in) for the momentous occasion of me drinking my first beer for a year (and celebrating my birthday).

We talked about what I’ve learnt from a year of being sober, which I also wrote about in an article for Medium called ‘A Year Without Booze‘ (in case you missed it!).

Given the relevance of tasty baked goods to birthdays, Fabian and I also took the opportunity to reveal all about our new course, The C.A.K.E. Method.