C.A.K.E: The Final Frontier (a Bite-Sized Course for Bloggers)

In ‘Getting Geeky’ (episode 8 of the Mountain Shores Podcast), Fabian Kruse, Michael Nobbs and myself talk about the advantages and disadvantages of getting lost in creative flow, how to delight customers with high quality ice-cream, and whether our mindsets can make a difference to our earning potential.

You can also hear a bit more about The C.A.K.E. method, a bite-sized course that Fabian and I are offering to bloggers who want to have (more) fun and get more done.

Must Read Round Up – Great North Run Edition

Edinburgh Festival Photos 30I share a lot of great stuff on my various social media profiles that never makes it to the blog, and this irregular round-up post exists to collect some of that together for your reading/watching/listening pleasure, as well as a cheeky reminder of some blog content you may have missed.

The Great North Run

This edition coincides with my second half-marathon of the year, which I will be running on Sunday in aid of Bowel Cancer UK, a charity which is close to my heart as bowel cancer has affected my family.

The Ditch the Day Job Diaries: Edinburgh Festival Special

Find out all about the Edinburgh Festival, how my freelancing is taking shape, a follow up on how many coffees I have a day (zzzz).

Plus, I’ve shoehorned in an ‘Objects of Affection’ special which includes The Istanbul Review at The Edinburgh International Book Festival (you can also see the video on their homepage) , Vic Galloway’s new book ‘Songs in the Key of Fife’ and my first ever appearance in an actual printed book.

Life-changing moments: an interview with indie filmmaker Matty Ross

Matty Ross - photo by Davie Duncan

Matty Ross – photo by Davie Duncan

Matty Ross is an independent filmmaker and director based in London, who is originally from Forres in the Scottish Highlands. He has worked for/with the likes of Tom Hardy, John Minton, Hugh Laurie, Vanity Fair, Charles Henri Belleville and Scottish bands/musicians The Last Battle, Debutant and The Kays Lavelle.